17th February 2019 Bulletin

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http://www.stpetersptmacquarie.comport bulletin6
Local Search now links to our Website.Keep in mind this newsletter is for all church members so if you would like something included contact David or email him on davidpfeiffer1@bigpond.com
Deadline is by 12.00 noon each Wednesday.


  :Pastor Gus Schutz and his wife Elly will be arriving Friday 22ndsnip2 February and will be with us for the coming weeks. We welcome them and hope they enjoy their stay here in port Macquarie.


 :Thankyou Pastor Rob Paech and Beryl for your time here with us in Port Macquarie. Your services and friendship has been gratefully  appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future.


snip3: BBQ Lunch and Farewell Pastor Rob Paech and his wife Beryl after Annual meeting next Sunday 17th February.BYO Drinks and your meat for the Barbie

Canberra vote

: The NSW District Synod of the Lutheran Church is
to meet on March 23 at Warrumbui Retreat & Conference Centre to elect a new bishop following the sudden death of James Haak.

Representative David Pfeiffer will be in Canberra for the meeting.

 If we miss your birthday please let us know as we may not have those details correct.


Happy Birthday
21st February – Sonja Reichelt
Have a great day!


Sunday Service, 10th February 2019:
was attended by 38 people.sitting



: Looking for interested volunteers who will need to be fully trained in Safeguarding Children – Child Protection and holds a Working with Children Certificate. A course will be held on Tuesday 12th February 2019. Ask David for details.

This Friday Club will be focused towards primary school aged children & above to attend Friday afternoon’s from 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Paperwork still being finalised and all the correct procedures before commencing.

  “ ‘Catch-up Coffee’ coming soon.
Friday, 8th March, 10am is to be the start of coffee mornings.snip13Women, men, friends, tea and juice drinkers welcome Watch for further announcements concerning venue.”


: Noah was a man of great faith he spent 40 days on a wooden boat with two termites and a pair of woodpeckers.

: Noah was a shrewd business man he kept his company afloat jokewhile the rest of the earth was in liquidation.

: Adam and Eve were the first people not to read the terms and conditions for Apple.

: A small boy was flicking through the pages of a dusty old edition of the bible when something fell out and it was a leaf that had been pressed between the pages.Look what I’ve found mum he called out.“What have you got there?” Asked his mother.
The boy said: “I think its Adams underwear!”

: Adam and Eve had the first computer, it was an Apple,  after one byte it crashed.

If you think that you are not worth saving just remember that Moses was a basket case.

: Don’t spend money on  G P S or Sat Nav  because  Jesus can show you the way for free.

 : Remember seven days without prayer makes one weak.
 : I pod, Ipad, iPhone…Try I pray.. God is always listening..



:World Day of Prayer, Friday, 1stMarch, 2019. St Thomas Anglican Church, Hay Street. Morning tea 9.30, Church Service 10.30. The Lutherans have been given a snip14small reading in the order of service.

World Day of Prayer is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian Women who welcome you to join in prayer and action for peace and justice.


: Roll up your sleeves..
We need more volunteers for the church cleaning roster. If you are prepared to give us a hand, please contact Don or David.

: Have a read of this and see what you make of it.





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