16th December 2018 Bulletin

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Local Search now links to our Website.Keep in mind this newsletter is for all church members so if you would like something included contact David or email him on davidpfeiffer1@bigpond.com
Deadline is by 12.00 noon each Wednesday.

This is the link to the
Lutheran Church Australia’s e-newsletter

*Offering envelopes for next year are available in the church foyer.
*Regular Electronic Giving, (REG) is also available as helps our budget and if you are away your contribution is forwarded to us. It is a safe way of contributing and can be added, reduced or cancelled very simply at any time.

Christmas is fast approaching and to help us with our Christmas Evetree Service could you please give details to Corrine McLean on the number of school aged children and under that will attending this service with you. Thanks

Xmas Hampers:

For the women’s refuge
No Perishables
NO Alcohol
No Stuffed toys
If you would like to make a donation the box will be in the church foyer.

Many hands made light work on Sunday after service as the Christmas tree was decorated and the nativity scene set up. Thanks to all those who helped, the young and not so young.

24 church members and friends enjoyed a lunch at ‘Rivermark’ by the Hastings River on Sunday 2nd December 2018 to celebrate the Advent season.


 If we miss your birthday please let us know as we may not have those details correct.

birthdayHappy Birthday

13th December
Stella McGufficke
14th December
Aileen Huf
Linda Mirtschin

Have a great day!!



Sunday Service, 9th December 2018:
was attended by 31 people. 



Times to Remember:
December 24th Christmas Eve. 7:30pm
December 25th Christmas Day. 9:00am

Thought for the week.


Thank you to those ladies who attended the working beeworkingbee at the Manse through the week.  Your assistance was most appreciated as it helps to share the load.

The car park is a work in progress.
Hope to be completed by Christmas.



A huge welcome to Pastor Mike Mayer & his wife Angela for joining us here in beautiful Port Macquarie.
We look forward to your sermons over the next few weeks and also being here with us for Christmas, we Thank You.

Please join St Mark’s Lutheran Church Dubbo congregationdubbochurch

in celebrating our 40th Anniversary on
16 December 2018
9:15am cuppa
10:00am church service
Lunch and re-living fun memories

 Let us know if you’ll be coming by emailing


or contact Kathie Guelen on 0428 827 200  Pastor Joseph Graham on 0459 902 002

Noah was a shrewd business man he kept his company afloat jokewhile the rest of the earth was in liquidation.

A small boy was flicking through the pages of a dusty old edition of the bible when something fell out and it was a leaf that had been pressed between the pages.Look what I’ve found mum he called out.“What have you got there?” Asked his mother.
The boy said: “I think its Adams underwear!”

Carols on the hill:
St Thomas church grounds
50 Hay Street Port Macquarie
Sunday 23rd December 2018
6.00pm to 9.00pm

Family Christmas Carols hosted by the combined churches of Port Macquarie.
Safe and fun family event with all the old carols we love and some of the new with Santa and treats for the kids.
Bring a rug or chairs, enjoy a sausage sizzle and a cappuccino/drinks for sale or bring your own Picnic.

Free Admission: Register for tickets online  https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/carols-on-the-hill-tickets-53091436917






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