Roster Sunday 26 January 2020

Thank You everyone for your participation.
Please arrange a replacement if unable to fill your place.
:Please send all corrections or additions as well as any
comments on this newsletter to by the
following Wednesday in order to publish on Thursday.
Thank you, Sherry Thompson
Altar Colour:Greensnip16


Welcome to our Worship Service

Please stay for a friendly cuppa following our service today

:26 January 2020
3rd Sunday of Epiphany
Worship Service led Pastor Richard Schwedes
Holy Communion Pastor Richard Schwedes
Communion Assistants Rev David Thompson & David Pfeiffer
Prayers led by Narelle Clarke
Stewards Juta Cooley & Allan Bruhn
Organist Narelle Clarke
Audio/Computer Pr Dr Gordon Watson

 Readings for Today
Lector: Carol McLean
1st Reading: Isaiah 9:1-4 People who have lived in darkness have seen a great light
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18 An appeal to avoid factions
Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23 Jesus begins his work—light has dawned

Morning Tea:  Barbara Wakefield
Cleaning Church:  Don & Carol McLean
Mowing:  Geoff Rogers

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